room of a thousand doors - door one

by sun castle

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hi y'all

i'm gabe. sun castle is a project where i try to describe an imaginary castle using sound. this is the first piece of it. it's my goal to eventually make all of the recordings fit together into a real audio map of the inside and outside of a castle.

i organize quadraphonic shows every month or two in brooklyn under the name future forever. it's really important to me to offer folks a chance to experiment with making sound come from all around the room. if you're interested in playing a show, hit me up.

folks who play on this track:

paul bradley - drums
roberta de camargo blake - drums
sean corkery - drums
will davies - drums
samaki dorsey - vox, trumpet
michael henning - vox, drums
sarah jenness - vox
stefanie kalem - drums
serina koester - drums
brian michelson - drums
erin raines - vox
gabe raines - vox, drums
amy reed - vox
brain relph - vox, trumpet
david sloves - vox
kevin walker - drums
mike wofchuck - drums
cris wood - drums


released May 5, 2012




sun castle Brooklyn, New York


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